Domain Name: What You Need To Know Before Buying

The right domain name plays a crucial role in establishing successful online presence for your business. Excellent for branding, a good relevant domain can also be a positive factor in optimizing the websites for search engines.

Technically, a domain name is the name board for your business on the internet. It translates the digits of an IP address that represent your website on the internet into a URL that the customers will remember. You might have read somewhere that domain names can be bought from domain registrars. But if you are serious about taking your business online, that is not enough.

You need a good, relevant domain that is brandable and search-engine-friendly at the same time. If you are wondering how to achieve that, Nick, chief analyst of the best website hosting providers over at, curated a graphic with facts and tips on choosing domain names and their importance for online businesses.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Domain :

Check Your Competitors Websites

Start by studying websites similar to your business and check their domain names. This can give you a rough idea what to search for.

Branding With Domain Name

If you are keen on branding your business on the internet, buying a domain that is easy to remember is the way to go. Avoid slang and complicated terms, and never buy a domain name that is too similar to an existing website, as this might have a detrimental impact on your branding.

What TLD To Choose?

Go for “.com” extension or other well-known extensions like .co, .net, or .org as most of the credible websites run on them. You can also choose country-specific extension if you don’t plan to expand the business abroad.

Impact Of Domain Names On SEO.

With 1.2 trillion searches per year, search engines play a crucial role on the internet. You don’t want to underestimate that fact. For better results from search engines, it is always good to choose a domain name with the main keyword of your business niche in it.

These are just a few tips. Check out the infographic below to check the evolution, lifecycle, importance of a domain name and things to consider before buying a domain name

Here is the list of things covered in the graphic:

  • Anatomy of an URL
  • Evolution of domain name system
  • What are top level domains?
  • The life cycle of a domain
  • The growth of domain names as of 2018
  • .com and .net trends
  • Top domain name registrars
  • Impact of domain names on SEO

Browse through the infographic and figure out what domain name works for you.

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