Is Google Play Store Feature Graphic Back?

Is Google Play Store Feature Image back?. In May 2018, Google redesigned the Play Store, which led to fall in conversion by about 25-30% for majority of the apps listed on Play Store.

Is it back or is it a bug?

It’s not showing in all the devices. Google is probably doing an AB testing.

Google Play Store Feature Graphic is Back

The feature graphic plays a vital role in driving user downloads on the Google Play Store. A research has shown that the feature graphic accounts for up to 30% of all conversions. The removal of the feature graphic could have a detrimental effect on apps that do not update their other creative assets (icon, screenshots and preview video) accordingly.

It’s exciting that the feature graphic is back.

Let’s start AB testing to further improve conversions!! 🔥

There’s no confirmation from Google about this yet.

2 thoughts on “Is Google Play Store Feature Graphic Back?”

  1. Looking at Google’s documentation, I was thinking that the feature graphic only appears on the store listing IF a promo video is uploaded. Would that explain why you only sometimes see one?

    “Your feature graphic is a powerful tool to show off your creative assets and attract new users.
    Important: To display a feature graphic on your app’s store listing, you also need to add a promo video.”

    That said, I’m still confused as to why they require you to upload a feature graphic if they will only use it when there’s also a promo video (not required).


    1. In the listing above, it’s a feature graphic not a video. That’s what made me think if this is an AB Test.

      And Angela, they require you to upload a feature graphic because it’s used when you run UAC Campaigns through Google Ads.

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